Never lose revenue & SEO rank to site downtime.

Monitor your website 24/7, tension free.

Time-Critical Alerts Notified by
Email, SMS, Slack

Connection Not Secure Warning

Dodge this!

Let your users never see this rather alarming & cryptic message. We monitor and give multiple reminders for renewing your ssl certificate.

Server Error  503 Message

Server Crash? Be the first to know.

We ping your website periodically. If anything is wrong, we let you know before users are affected High uptime = better revenue = less heartache

Gateway Error, error in connection

Get prompt updates on any external effects

If your website is not reachable, because a cable going under the Atlantic ocean was bitten by a shark, we will promptly let you know.

Slash Dot effect aka Reddit Hug of Death

Survive the Reddit Hug of Death AKA Slashdot Effect

You did everything right and you are rewarded with ... a flood of traffic. We monitor your site for constantly. If we see any discrepancy in response time, we immediately alert you, so you can ensure that your website is not overwhelmed by too much traffic.

Site hacked causing Google to display the website as Malicious

Malicious Warning Alert

Nothing makes users beat a hasty retreat as a Malicious Warning Alert. We constantly monitor Google's marked websites. In the unfortunate case that Google marks your site as malicious, we immediately warn you, so you can take corrective actions immediately.

Domain Expiry Notice

Escape the Clutches of the Domain Monster!

All your carefully orchestrated cloud setup goes to pieces if the domain name is let to expire. Besides, the ccTLDs do not have grace period and can sometimes have unpredictable behavior. With constant monitoring, we ensure you are in the green always.


Immediate Alerts

Monitor all causes that affects user experience. Alerts before your users know, before Google penalizes. Plus get periodic site health updates.

No limits on Alerts

Choose your alert mode. No limits on alerts. Our motto is "Alerts on Time, Everytime".

Easy & Intuitive

Just the information you need to act on. No undecipherable statistics.

Simple & Effortless

No installation or setup required. We take care of all software monitoring and diagnostics.